All India Cereal Price Bulletin 14 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

Makar Sankranti is a Hindu harvest festival celebrated across India that marks the end of winter and the beginning of longer days as the sun moves northward.

Makar Sankranti will fall on Friday, January 14 this year. This period is also known as Uttarayan and is considered to be extremely fortunate. The harvest festival is a religious and seasonal celebration that honours Lord Surya, the Sun God, and commemorates Sun’s arrival in Makara (Capricorn).

Worshippers bathe in sacred rivers such as the Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, and Cauvery on this day, and sesame and jaggery ladoos called chikkis are distributed. As you celebrate this festive occasion with your loved ones, don’t forget to wish them with these special greetings.

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan )

Amphophalus Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Angamaly mandi250035003000
Chengannur mandi210024002200
Ernakulam mandi150017001700
Harippad mandi300035003000
Kayamkulam mandi160018001700
Kondotty mandi200022002100
Kottakkal mandi300031603100
Manathavady mandi9001000950
Mukkom mandi180022002000
Neeleswaram mandi360070003800
Perambra mandi240029002500
Piravam mandi150025002000
Quilandy mandi220025002400
Thrippunithura mandi240040003000

Bajra Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Lingasugur mandi165018301660
Nandgaon mandi175021001950
Jodhpur (Grain)(Mandor) mandi180022002000
Uttar Pradesh
Achnera mandi161016601630
Agra mandi162016701650
Aliganj mandi150015251510
Aligarh mandi175017701760
Anoop Shahar mandi160016201610
Atrauli mandi130015001400
Babrala mandi105013501200
Bhehjoi mandi160016101605
Charra mandi166016801670
Divai mandi150016001550
Etah mandi160017201650
Haathras mandi163017001670
Jasvantnagar mandi160017001650
Kasganj mandi160016501630
Kayamganj mandi158016001590
Khairagarh mandi155016101580
Kishunpur mandi170019001800
Kosikalan mandi160016821655
Madhogarh mandi140016001500
Mathura mandi168017181700
Rura mandi152515751550
Sikandraraau mandi135515601415
Tundla mandi164516651655
Visoli mandi195019501950

Barley (Jau) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Achnera mandi210021202110
Aligarh mandi202020602040
Fatehpur Sikri mandi210021902140
Karvi mandi196021602060
Kasganj mandi194020402030
Mathura mandi211521512138
Meerut mandi196020001980
Mehrauni mandi180019001900
Muskara mandi205021602130
Muzzafarnagar mandi197019901980
Raibareilly mandi172017301725
Rasda mandi185019901925
Saharanpur mandi192520301980
Shamli mandi193520601985
Tundla mandi228523252300

Jowar (Sorghum) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bijay Nagar mandi153120311850
Jodhpur (Grain)(Mandor) mandi170023002000
Jodhpur(Grain)(Bhagat Ki Kothi) mandi180022002000
Uttar Pradesh
Bharuasumerpur mandi250030002800

Kodo Millet (Varagu) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Gandai mandi150016001550
Kawardha mandi210021002100

Maize Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Belarbahara mandi155015501550
Boraee mandi145014501450
Gidam mandi150017001600
Narayanpur mandi130014001350
Ramanujganj mandi187518751875
Badami mandi164016401640
Madhya Pradesh
Karhi mandi180018501820
Khujner mandi164517001666
Sehore mandi160017611701
Nandgaon mandi169118251750
Aklera mandi176018301795
Bijay Nagar mandi171321522020
Jodhpur (Grain)(Mandor) mandi170020001850
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi171017501735
Aligarh mandi174017801760
Charra mandi175017901770
Etah mandi162519601745
Farukhabad mandi168017251710
Ghiraur mandi166018001720
Gonda mandi175017701760
Hapur mandi180019201860
Jaunpur mandi189019251910
Kasganj mandi150018001730
Kayamganj mandi168017001690
Meerut mandi187019151890
Rura mandi187018701870
Saharanpur mandi184519351890
Shamli mandi183519651890

Ragi (Finger Millet) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Arasikere mandi190020001950
Manjeri mandi340035003450

Soji Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Jafarganj mandi260027002650

Wheat Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Bamora mandi185022502250
Jaisinagar mandi177018601825
Khategaon mandi185020001958
Khujner mandi191119771945
Sanawad mandi194019851959
Sehore mandi204123002151
Unhel mandi160118981601
Nandgaon mandi188521652001
Palghar mandi259025902590
Aklera mandi193019601945
Begu mandi197021002070
Khanpur mandi190019701950
Uttar Pradesh
Achnera mandi190020401970
Agra mandi194020401985
Ait mandi196019801970
Akbarpur mandi190019301925
Aliganj mandi195019801960
Aligarh mandi196019801970
Babrala mandi185019301900
Badayoun mandi194020501960
Bareilly mandi192520001970
Basti mandi180018901890
Bharuasumerpur mandi185019501900
Bijnaur mandi188020501950
Chandausi mandi193519751960
Chandoli mandi188019351915
Charra mandi196019801970
Chorichora mandi186019401900
Dadri mandi194020401990
Etah mandi186020301985
Faizabad mandi192019351925
Farukhabad mandi196020001980
Fatehpur Sikri mandi195020201985
Ghiraur mandi186520301930
Gonda mandi188019201900
Haathras mandi193020001980
Hapur mandi192520401990
Jafarganj mandi186019001880
Jahanabad mandi189019101900
Jaunpur mandi187519251900
Jayas mandi188019101900
Kannauj mandi187019501910
Karvi mandi178519851885
Kasganj mandi200020202010
Kayamganj mandi191019301920
Khairagarh mandi180019001850
Kishunpur mandi165018501750
Kosikalan mandi194020001985
Lalganj mandi185019001875
Madhogarh mandi180019001850
Mathura mandi198820182005
Mawana mandi195019901970
Meerut mandi197020151990
Mehrauni mandi190020002000
Milak mandi189020251960
Mirzapur mandi190019851935
Muradnagar mandi190020501975
Muskara mandi185019501920
Muzzafarnagar mandi195020101985
Najibabad mandi190020001950
Nawabganj mandi189019101900
Pilibhit mandi190019801940
Pratapgarh mandi190019301915
Puranpur mandi190020001950
Puwaha mandi186020601960
Raibareilly mandi187518851880
Rampur mandi193519601945
Rasda mandi180019501880
Rura mandi195020001975
Saharanpur mandi187020801990
Shamli mandi193020651990
Sikandraraau mandi191019551935
Tulsipur mandi185019251900
Tundla mandi200020502025
Uttaripura mandi178019001840
Wazirganj mandi193019901960
West Bengal
Asansol mandi210023002200
Birbhum mandi191019801950
Bishnupur(Bankura) mandi185020001900
Bolpur mandi192019801940
Durgapur mandi215023002260
Raiganj mandi195020502000


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