All India Cereal Price Bulletin 22 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : (Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan)

Amphophalus Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Angamaly mandi250035003000
Aralamoodu mandi400040004000
Ernakulam mandi150017001700
Kottakkal mandi200021502100
Kuruppanthura mandi200026002400
Manathavady mandi9001000950
Mannar mandi250028002600
Neeleswaram mandi360040003800
Neyyatinkara mandi350040003700
Palayam mandi170019001800
Pariyaram mandi160020001800
Piravam mandi150025002000
Thodupuzha mandi160018001800

Bajra Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Amreli mandi175023252275
Dahod mandi160017001650
Deesa mandi177521411950
Jasdan mandi227022702270
Kalol mandi160018501750
Mangrol mandi150017501650
Morbi mandi192523752150
Palanpur mandi180020001900
Patan mandi175020501900
Rajkot mandi142521751800
Siddhpur mandi157021501860
Thara mandi175019851867.5
Thara(Shihori) mandi196520602012.5
Umreth mandi175020001990
Vadgam mandi182518251825
Madhya Pradesh
Kailaras mandi166917901670
Pune mandi280035003150
Lalsot(Mandabari) mandi162719091830
Malpura mandi170017461735
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi162016701650
Aliganj mandi150015201510
Aligarh mandi166017001680
Atrauli mandi140016001500
Auraiya mandi158017801680
Babrala mandi110013501300
Bhehjoi mandi165017001675
Charra mandi167016901680
Choubepur mandi158016801630
Divai mandi140015001450
Etah mandi160017651660
Fatehpur Sikri mandi160017201665
Firozabad mandi170017501725
Haathras mandi161017001670
Jasvantnagar mandi165017501700
Kasganj mandi164016701650
Kayamganj mandi161016301620
Khurja mandi165017501700
Kishunpur mandi170019001800
Kosikalan mandi158016501630
Mathura mandi166817051688
Mohamadabad mandi150017001600
Shikohabad mandi150016001550
Sikandraraau mandi126016251470
Sirsaganj mandi164016601650
Tundla mandi161016401625
Ujhani mandi155016001580

Barley (Jau) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi208021302110
Aligarh mandi213021702150
Azamgarh mandi183019301880
Ballia mandi199021202050
Barhaj mandi187018901880
Choubepur mandi202521302075
Etawah mandi216022102180
Fatehpur Sikri mandi208021602120
Firozabad mandi217022202185
Gazipur mandi200020402020
Ghaziabad mandi197519951985
Jhansi mandi182019201870
Karvi mandi193521352035
Kasganj mandi215021702160
Lalitpur mandi200020752040
Mahoba mandi190019801940
Mathura mandi216522052189
Meerut mandi196020001980
Mehrauni mandi180019001900
Muzzafarnagar mandi198019901985
Raath mandi224022702250
Raibareilly mandi173517451740
Rasda mandi194020902010
Robertsganj mandi185020451960
Shamli mandi195020801995
Tundla mandi228523252300
Varanasi(Grain) mandi205021752100

Jowar(Sorghum) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Andhra Pradesh
Banaganapalli mandi145020001700
Amreli mandi150029152790
Chotila mandi150030002250
Jasdan mandi175026002250
Morbi mandi196025002230
Rajkot mandi192530752500
Rapar mandiNRNR1625
Siddhpur mandi215541253140
Pune mandi280045004150
Bijay Nagar mandi160119481880
Malpura mandi210024762360
Tamil Nadu
Thirumangalam mandi320034003300
Uttar Pradesh
Bharuasumerpur mandi250030002800

Maize Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Andhra Pradesh
Atmakur mandi185018501850
Belarbahara mandi140015001400
Boraee mandi140016001400
Pathalgaon mandi187018701870
Sambalpur mandi140014001400
Dahod mandi187019801900
Jasdan mandi170017001700
Khedbrahma mandi185020001925
Palanpur mandi202020352027
Madhya Pradesh
Sitmau mandi150018501650
Jalgaon(Masawat) mandi179117911791
Pune mandi195021502050
Nawarangpur mandi140020401400
Baran mandi176018001790
Bijay Nagar mandi194122672210
Malpura mandi218023262280
Tamil Nadu
Alangeyam mandi180019011850
Attur mandi170018001750
Gangavalli mandi180018151808
Pollachi mandi183018801850
Gandhari mandi187018701870
Jagtial mandi175820152015
Kamareddy mandi187018701870
Medchal mandi187018701870
Sattupalli mandi200020002000
Siddipet mandi195020612052
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi172017601740
Aligarh mandi174017801760
Bahraich mandi167018001730
Balrampur mandi168018801780
Charra mandi173017701750
Chhibramau(Kannuj) mandi170518101740
Choubepur mandi167517801715
Etah mandi163019501750
Farukhabad mandi168017301710
Ghaziabad mandi187518951885
Gonda mandi175017801765
Hapur mandi182019201890
Hardoi mandi163016701650
Jahangirabad mandi187519001900
Jaunpur mandi185019001885
Kannauj mandi168017401710
Kasganj mandi155018001730
Kayamganj mandi170017201710
Lakhimpur mandi160017001650
Lalitpur mandi187018701870
Mainpuri mandi165017801715
Meerut mandi186019001880
Mohamadabad mandi170019001800
Naanpara mandi170017501725
Saharanpur mandi185019501895
Sandila mandi160016901645
Shikohabad mandi160017001650
Sirsaganj mandi172017401730
Ujhani mandi165017501700
Varanasi(Grain) mandi180019251880

Ragi (Finger Millet) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Manjeri mandi340035003450
Pune mandi335036003500
Tamil Nadu
Konganapuram mandi350041003800
Mahbubnagar mandi252931103110
Mahbubnagar(Nawabpet) mandi200020002000

Wheat Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Amreli mandi210522302170
Bagasara mandi200021152057
Bhesan mandi175021002000
Chotila mandi185021502000
Dahod mandi215022502200
Deesa mandi194021752050
Dehgam mandi205020752062
Dhoraji mandi180520002000
Halvad mandi195021002025
Jasdan mandi200020002000
Kalol mandi201021752100
Khedbrahma mandi200021002050
Mangrol mandi205021002080
Meghraj mandi162518751725
Meghraj(Radlavada) mandi162518751725
Morbi mandi196022402100
Palanpur mandi200022002100
Rajkot mandi201521402090
Sami mandi180019501875
Siddhpur mandi190021752037
Thara mandi196020852022.5
Thara(Shihori) mandi180520251915
Vankaner mandi195021452050
Madhya Pradesh
Jaora mandi205020502050
Kailaras mandi197019901985
Khategaon mandi198021402000
Sanawad mandi188519841979
Sitmau mandi189120251960
Pune mandi350045004000
Solapur mandi230030002640
Vasai mandi296038503460
Baran mandi198621292070
Bijay Nagar mandi195819581958
Khanpur mandi185020831970
Lalsot(Mandabari) mandi201620512042
Malpura mandi199520422025
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi198020101995
Ahirora mandi190019801940
Ajuha mandi186019401915
Aliganj mandi190019501920
Aligarh mandi201020502030
Amroha mandi192019701950
Anandnagar mandi182019701895
Atarra mandi185019501900
Auraiya mandi190020301985
Azamgarh mandi185019501895
Baberu mandi183519801910
Babrala mandi185019201900
Badayoun mandi195020001975
Bahraich mandi182019801900
Ballia mandi186019901920
Balrampur mandi180020501910
Banda mandi185019501910
Bangarmau mandi190019501910
Barabanki mandi190019401925
Barhaj mandi189019101900
Basti mandi180019151915
Bharthna mandi195020502000
Bharuasumerpur mandi185019501900
Bijnaur mandi190020501960
Buland Shahr mandi203020502040
Chandausi mandi194019851960
Chandoli mandi190019501925
Charra mandi200020202010
Chhibramau(Kannuj) mandi185019301900
Chirgaon mandi185019251900
Choubepur mandi190020001945
Dadri mandi193020401990
Devariya mandi191019301920
Etah mandi185020501988
Etawah mandi200020602030
Faizabad mandi195019651960
Farukhabad mandi194019751950
Fatehpur mandi191019301920
Fatehpur Sikri mandi190020201970
Firozabad mandi201520602040
Gazipur mandi188019201900
Ghaziabad mandi197519951985
Golagokarnath mandi180020001900
Gonda mandi188019201900
Gorakhpur mandi190019601925
Haathras mandi192020001970
Hapur mandi193020802000
Hardoi mandi191019501935
Jahangirabad mandi197520352035
Jaunpur mandi187019251900
Jayas mandi188019101900
Jhansi mandi192019201920
Kannauj mandi189019601930
Karvi mandi179019901890
Kasganj mandi195019901980
Kayamganj mandi193019501940
Khaga mandi187019201900
Khurja mandi197520502025
Kishunpur mandi180020001900
Konch mandi193019701950
Kosikalan mandi200020502040
Lakhimpur mandi187019301910
Lalganj mandi185019001875
Lalitpur mandi190019901950
Lucknow mandi188019901930
Mahoba mandi190020001930
Maigalganj mandi180019001870
Mainpuri mandi196521002015
Mathura mandi198820262013
Maudaha mandi192519501950
Mawana mandi199020202000
Meerut mandi197020101990
Mehrauni mandi190020002000
Mirzapur mandi187519751930
Muradabad mandi195019701960
Muradnagar mandi190020501980
Muskara mandi182020601955
Muzzafarnagar mandi197520201995
Naanpara mandi187019301900
Najibabad mandi192020001960
Naugarh mandiNRNR1850
Nawabganj mandi190019201910
Orai mandi195020502000
Paliakala mandi183019351895
Pilibhit mandi192020101975
Pukhrayan mandi185020001930
Puranpur mandi187019701920
Purwa mandi188519201905
Raath mandi164519751965
Raibareilly mandi186518801875
Rampur mandi195019651955
Rasda mandi186020001925
Robertsganj mandi188021301990
Saharanpur mandi185020702000
Salon mandi180018251820
Sandila mandi190019601930
Sehjanwa mandi190019201910
Shahganj mandi180019001850
Shahjahanpur mandi190020001950
Shamli mandi196020502000
Sikandraraau mandi191519851965
Sirsa mandi189019501920
Sitapur mandi189019201910
Sultanpur mandi182020201910
Tulsipur mandi183019501905
Tundla mandi206020902075
Ujhani mandi190020001950
Uttaripura mandi170018001750
Varanasi(Grain) mandi190019851950
Vishalpur mandi194020001970
Wazirganj mandi193019901960
West Bengal
Bishnupur(Bankura) mandi185020001925
Khatra mandi185019501900


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