All India Cereal Price Bulletin 30 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : (Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan , Haryana , Punjab , Himachal Pradesh , Kerala , Andhra Pradesh)

Bajra Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Kustagi mandi168017511711
Uttar Pradesh
Achnera mandi162017101665
Aliganj mandi150015201510
Atrauli mandi150017001600
Bewar mandi162016601640
Divai mandi140016001500
Firozabad mandi168017201700
Kasganj mandi165016801670
Shikohabad mandi155016501600
Sirsaganj mandi172017401730

Barley (Jau) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Buxur mandi100015001200
Uttar Pradesh
Achnera mandi215021902170
Firozabad mandi215022002170
Ghaziabad mandi209021102100
Karvi mandi193521352035
Mahoba mandi190020001950
Mehrauni mandi180019001900
Muskara mandi198022502150
Raath mandi227523152300

Foxtail Millet(Navane) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Kustagi mandi250025002500

Jowar(Sorghum) Ka Rate In Rs

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Bharuasumerpur mandi250032003000

Maize Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Kustagi mandi170019171881
Tamil Nadu
Alangeyam mandi190020011950
Uttar Pradesh
Aliganj mandi170017501720
Chhibramau(Kannuj) mandi175019501850
Ghaziabad mandi187018901880
Ghiraur mandi168018201730
Kasganj mandi158018201760
Madhoganj mandi178018201805
Sandila mandi175018301790
Sirsaganj mandi185019201900

Ragi (Finger Millet) Ka Rate In Rs.

Wheat Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Karera mandi187519051895
Khategaon mandi198521402000
Simariya mandi172518101740
Uttar Pradesh
Achnera mandi195021502050
Bewar mandi175018501800
Bharuasumerpur mandi185019501900
Chhibramau(Kannuj) mandi190020001950
Dadri mandi198020902030
Firozabad mandi206021202085
Ghaziabad mandi204020602050
Ghiraur mandi195021502050
Jahanabad mandi192019501930
Jayas mandi188019101900
Karvi mandi181020101910
Kasganj mandi197020402020
Konch mandi197520001986
Madhoganj mandi189019301910
Mahoba mandi194020401990
Maudaha mandi190019501950
Mehrauni mandi190020002000
Muradnagar mandi190020401980
Muskara mandi190020501980
Orai mandi200021002050
Puwaha mandi187020701970
Raath mandi195019851970
Sandila mandi188019501915
Wazirganj mandi194020001970
West Bengal
Karimpur mandi175019501850


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