All India Fibre Crops Price Bulletin 12 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan , Kerala , Punjab , Maharashtra , Karnataka , Chattisgarh)

Cotton Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal 
Amirgadh mandi900097509500
Babra mandi7950101109030
Bagasara mandi6500102108355
Bhesan mandi650098509600
Bodeli mandi800096508900
Bodeli(Hadod) mandi820095018800
Bodeli(Kalediya) mandi820095018800
Bodeli(Modasar) mandi800096519000
Botad(Haddad) mandi5850100157935
Chotila mandi650095008000
Dhandhuka mandi6500101008300
Dhansura mandi775099658500
Dhoraji mandi715598059330
Dhrol mandi697597058340
Gondal mandi5505101809455
Halvad mandi750597809200
Jambusar mandi800086008300
Jambusar(Kaavi) mandi820087008400
Jasdan mandi725099009000
Kadi(Kadi cotton Yard) mandi6015100709000
Kapadvanj mandi750095008250
Khambha mandi7575100009050
Khedbrahma mandi757592008387
Manavdar mandi750098359500
Mansa mandi5000100159750
Rajkot mandi700099758850
Rajula mandi500097807390
Sayala mandi5500101757837
Siddhpur mandi6775101058440
Thara mandi875097009225
Thara(Shihori) mandi837594258900
Una mandi775097759650
Vijapur(Gojjariya) mandi500097958350
Visavadar mandi835599759155
Siwani mandi900093009180
Nargunda mandi890090008900
Madhya Pradesh
Dhamnod mandi484094908495
Jhabua mandi90001102110011
Karhi mandi500086408100
Khargone mandi6000106508600
Sanawad mandi486095008100
Parlakhemundi mandi700080008000
Abohar mandi920594959360
Bareta mandi580093007700
Bhikhi mandi601079007050
Malout mandi914094209340
Sangat mandi500094208500
Bijay Nagar mandi670091258525
Tamil Nadu
Thirumangalam mandi565058505750
Villupuram mandi9219103209729
Adilabad mandi799892509250
Badepalli mandi600095809530
Bhadrachalam mandi950095009500
Boath mandi882593009300
Burgampadu mandi750075007500
Charla mandi810083008200
Chityal mandi555057605650
Choppadandi mandi840090009000
Enkoor mandi900096259300
Gajwel mandi893993699050
Jainoor mandi900093009200
Jammikunta mandi780095509300
Jogipet mandi515051505150
Karimnagar mandi733390798863
Kataram mandi890092009100
Kothagudem mandi740076007500
Laxettipet mandi900090009000
Mancharial mandi800080008000
Mothkur mandi900092009100
Narayankhed mandi800080008000
Narsampet(Nekonda) mandi890092908900
Parkal mandi800091008500
Sarangapur mandi875093509203
Vemulawada mandi602564006200
Warangal mandi750093509200

Jute Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal 
West Bengal
Jangipur mandi607062006130
Karimpur mandi630066006500


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