All India Oil Seeds Price Bulletin 13 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

Happy Lohri 2022 Wishes, HD Images, Whatsapp Status ਹੈਪੀ ਲੋਹੜੀ Quotes  Punjabi

The festival of Lohri marks the end of winter and the arrival of warmer weather. This harvest festival of Punjab is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year. On Lohri, families come together to light bonfires, exchange gifts and eat festive food. Celebrations are extra special in households where there has recently been a marriage or a birth. Foods such as jaggery, gachak and rewri are central to Lohri, and so are peanuts, popcorn and til. This year, Lohri will be celebrated on January 13, 2022, which is a Thursday. While Lohri is primarily a Punjabi festival, it is celebrated by many people across the country who light bonfires and dance to welcome longer days after the winter solstice.

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan )

Castor Seed Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Bavla mandi610561556125
Dahod mandi540055005450
Dasada Patadi mandi602560706047.5
Deesa mandi605061406110
Deesa(Bhildi) mandi595061206100
Dehgam mandi595060506000
Dhanera mandi600061056050
Dhansura mandi590060005975
Halvad mandi595061306100
Himatnagar mandi550058005650
Jambusar mandi400044004200
Jambusar(Kaavi) mandi410045004300
Kalol mandi600061306050
Mansa mandi575061956150
Morbi mandi568560555870
Palanpur mandi596061356047
Patan mandi600561506080
Rajkot mandi575060155840
Rajula mandi412541254125
Rapar mandi599060756032
Sami mandi600060906050
Siddhpur mandi580062156007
Talod mandi595060255988
Thara mandi605061856117.5
Thara(Shihori) mandi592560756000
Vav mandi597560005987.5
Vijapur mandi606062406160
Vijapur(Gojjariya) mandi596061956150
Vijapur(Kukarvada) mandi580058755825
Visnagar mandi592062106065
Bheenmal(Ranlwada) mandi400052004600

Coconut Seed Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Chelakkara mandi360038003700
Kanjangadu mandi260030002800
Kuttoor mandi290033003100
Manathavady mandi290030002950
Moovattupuzha mandi370039003800
Mukkom mandi260030002800

Copra Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Kanjangadu mandi870092008900
Neeleswaram mandi780082008000
Payyannur mandi840086008500
Thodupuzha mandi103001050010500
Tamil Nadu
Anaimalai mandi884090258950
Kangeyam mandi104001080010400
Muthur mandi620091808860
Pollachi mandi810090008600
Rasipuram mandi820090008600
Udumalpet mandi870093009000
Vellakkoil mandi620091808860
Vellore mandi523067206500

Cotton Seed Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Vijapur(Kukarvada) mandi500098558850

Ground Nut Seed Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Amreli mandi475062255750
Jasdan mandi110120115
Porbandar mandi592565756250
Rajkot mandi720077507500
Visavadar mandi525062305740
Bangalore mandi100001100010500

Groundnut Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Amreli mandi429057205375
Babra mandi469556055150
Bhavnagar mandi525056355375
Botad mandi375054254590
Deesa mandi500061555750
Deesa(Bhildi) mandi500059055500
Dhanera mandi490061605530
Dhoraji mandi425558805530
Dhrol mandi375053154535
Halvad mandi400059855500
Himatnagar mandi575077256738
Jasdan mandi510056505350
Khambha mandi525552555255
Khedbrahma mandi475052505000
Mahuva(Station Road) mandi485051404995
Mangrol mandi600060256015
Modasa mandi450063805440
Modasa(Tintoi) mandi435061755250
Morbi mandi462566105617.5
Palanpur mandi470565905647
Porbandar mandi430058005050
Rajkot mandi469058105225
Rajula mandi475052605005
Savarkundla mandi471057505230
Talod mandi430068055553
Thara mandi510059755537.5
Vijapur mandi510058855650
Visavadar mandi431556554985
Vyra mandi500056505300
Ellanabad mandi375144614000
Bangalore mandi400045004250
Hubli (Amaragol) mandi489959305746
Kustagi mandi470047004700
Laxmeshwar mandi257757404717
Savanur mandi302967134658
Yadgir mandi430975596654
Madhya Pradesh
Harpalpur mandi450046004550
Fatehnagar mandi477547754775
Jaipur(Bassi) mandi470047314715
Jodhpur (Grain)(Mandor) mandi460054005000
Malpura mandi500052005100
Tamil Nadu
Anthiyur mandi607370006419
Kolathur mandi600062006100
Namagiripettai mandi905094809320
Thirukovilur mandi855691258841
Tiruchengode mandi890095009250
Vellore mandi9475100079925
Vikkiravandi mandi532565485383
Achampet mandi656067276560
Gadwal mandi484774006500
Nagarkurnool mandi300971107109
Suryapeta mandi439643964396
Wanaparthy Road mandi489148974892
Wanaparthy town mandi409578666499
Warangal mandi300073005900
Uttar Pradesh
Anandnagar mandi570058505775
Banda mandi510052005150
Chirgaon mandi480050504900
Ghaziabad mandi565057505700
Lalitpur mandi538054805430
Madhoganj mandi580059005850
Mahoba mandi488049504910
Mauranipur mandi500052655200
Muskara mandi480050004915
Raath mandi440045704500
Saharanpur mandi565059505800
Shamli mandi563058105715
West Bengal
Gajol mandi780082008000

Linseed Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimumMaximum Modal
Madhya Pradesh
Mandsaur mandi830089508620
Piplya mandi800087008500
Pratapgarh mandi825085718330
Uttar Pradesh
Atarra mandi810082008160
Mahoba mandi820083008260

Mustard Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Katghora mandi520052005200
Deesa mandi691569156915
Dhanera mandi669070056845
Jasdan mandi665074757000
Patan mandi600070756540
Rajula mandi712571257125
Unjha mandi712571257125
Madhya Pradesh
Kalapipal mandi500065006100
Mandsaur mandi600067696375
Mow mandi6480NR6875
Panna mandi630071006700
Piplya mandi667666766676
Sheopurkalan mandi390067156660
Aklera mandi630068706585
Baran mandi670070366952
Bundi mandi670067006700
DEI(Bundi) mandi520067795989
Deoli mandi650072006850
Goluwala mandi660170216990
Jaipur(Bassi) mandi720072007200
Jhalarapatan mandi600066006225
Khanpur mandi680071997050
Lalsot(Mandabari) mandi661572207100
Malpura mandi665172217050
Pratapgarh mandi550066065776
Sawai Madhopur mandi630571356910
Sriganganagar mandi660069276925
Surajgarh mandi650065006500
Uttar Pradesh
Achalda mandi650067006600
Agra mandi690070506980
Ahirora mandi690071007000
Ajuha mandi717072407200
Akbarpur mandi690069806950
Aligarh mandi665067506700
Allahabad mandi725074007300
Amroha mandi687069256900
Anandnagar mandi687570256950
Atarra mandi680069006860
Auraiya mandi640067506600
Azamgarh mandi693071007030
Baberu mandi662067806700
Badayoun mandi690070006930
Bahraich mandi665069006810
Ballia mandi714072707200
Banda mandi645065256500
Bareilly mandi682568756850
Barhaj mandi694069606950
Basti mandi690070006950
Bharthna mandi645065506500
Bijnaur mandi680069506850
Bindki mandi716073607250
Buland Shahr mandi670069006810
Chandoli mandi695070507000
Charra mandi665067506700
Choubepur mandi625063506300
Dadri mandi748076207550
Devariya mandi694569606950
Divai mandi420044004300
Etawah mandi645066006550
Fatehpur Sikri mandi685070006930
Gazipur mandi713071907160
Ghaziabad mandi750075757550
Gonda mandi685068906860
Gorakhpur mandi670070006840
Gurusarai mandi680070256900
Hapur mandi742075907500
Hardoi mandi713071807150
Jagnair mandi700072007100
Jahangirabad mandi680069006850
Jaunpur mandi715072507200
Jhijhank mandi600064006200
Kanpur(Grain) mandi670069006800
Kasganj mandi665068906750
Kayamganj mandi652066006570
Khairagarh mandi690071007000
Khurja mandi670069006800
Lakhimpur mandi703071907130
Lalitpur mandi678068806840
Lucknow mandi710071807140
Madhoganj mandi710072007145
Mahoba mandi690070006945
Mainpuri mandi683070256935
Mathura mandi676071507020
Mauranipur mandi685071507000
Mawana mandi735074507400
Meerut mandi747575257500
Milak mandi680069206860
Mirzapur mandi690070507000
Mohammdi mandi706071607110
Muradabad mandi689069306910
Muskara mandi655068506690
Muzzafarnagar mandi728073507320
Naanpara mandi677068306800
Naugarh mandiNRNR6950
Orai mandi630065006400
Pratapgarh mandi690069406920
Pukhrayan mandi617063706270
Raath mandi645065506500
Raibareilly mandi736074007380
Rampur mandi687068856880
Rasda mandi710072507180
Rura mandi550056005550
Saharanpur mandi730075707450
Shamli mandi725074007310
Sirsa mandi730074007350
Sitapur mandi690073007120
Sultanpur mandi676070006860
Tulsipur mandi675068506800
Tundla mandi678568256800
Ujhani mandi695070507000
Wazirganj mandi688069806930
West Bengal
Asansol mandi665068006700
Durgapur mandi655067806600
Gajol mandi680072007000
Guskara(Burdwan) mandi700072007100
Kandi mandi655066506600
Karimpur mandi780080007900
Katwa mandi690071007000
Nadia mandi750077007600

Sesame (Til) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Amreli mandi7500111759750
Babra mandi762591258500
Bhavnagar mandi849092558755
Botad mandi92501212510690
Dahod mandi750095009000
Dasada Patadi mandi900096809340
Deesa mandi9155101109750
Deesa(Bhildi) mandi943094309430
Dhanera mandi908096259350
Dhrol mandi800097008850
Halvad mandi92551046010000
Jasdan mandi8000105009000
Kalol mandi850089508700
Mahuva(Station Road) mandi812592508690
Morbi mandi8300103109305
Patan mandi650096558080
Rajkot mandi90501235010500
Rajula mandi110001100011000
Savarkundla mandi8000105009250
Siddhpur mandi800089558477
Unjha mandi92501105510800
Vav mandi895090058977
Visavadar mandi900095309165
Gulbarga mandi7500100009000
Madhya Pradesh
Ajaygarh mandi850088008600
Sheopurbadod mandi815181518151
Sheopurkalan mandi560058655733
Ujjain mandi690082007601
Baran mandi830095009000
Lalsot mandi902597009100
Malpura mandi890092009100
Sawai Madhopur mandi880099509585
Tamil Nadu
Vikkiravandi mandi609977136313
Warangal mandi925992599259
Uttar Pradesh
Banda mandi935094259400
Lalitpur mandi890090008950
Mahoba mandi940095009480
Mauranipur mandi890093009150
Muskara mandi910093409250
Orai mandi910093009200
Raath mandi928095009400
West Bengal
Guskara(Burdwan) mandi600062006100
Katwa mandi600062006100

Soyabean Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Gandai mandi300034003399
Amreli mandi590062756240
Dahod mandi635065256400
Dhoraji mandi543062306005
Himatnagar mandi475065005625
Jasdan mandi575062256000
Khedbrahma mandi612563956260
Modasa mandi600064656235
Modasa(Tintoi) mandi580062506015
Rajula mandi617561756175
Visavadar mandi508561555620
Gulbarga mandi450058005000
Hubli (Amaragol) mandi600960096009
Laxmeshwar mandi452959915306
Madhya Pradesh
Badnagar mandi345587006180
Badnawar mandi335086506340
Betul mandi560063216170
Bhikangaon mandi400087116200
Chhapiheda mandi630063006300
Haatpipliya mandi574964516100
Kalapipal mandi210064106045
Khandwa mandi400086356150
Khargone mandi549662816140
Khategaon mandi310064126200
Khujner mandi639565506500
Kolaras mandi360061256050
Lateri mandi518051805180
Mandsaur mandi500066215900
Mhow mandi340034003400
Patharia mandi570065656230
Piplya mandi300064506050
Ratlam mandi360072905900
Shajapur mandi500066756015
Sheopurkalan mandi629562956295
Sironj mandi450063555427
Timarni mandi300062416080
Aklera mandi570064006050
Baran mandi575264616240
Bundi mandi620064386319
DEI(Bundi) mandi635364906421
Jhalarapatan mandi574066226312
Khanpur mandi600066996400
Pratapgarh mandi480065105227
Vikarabad mandi333633363336
Zaheerabad mandi561661626073
Uttar Pradesh
Lalitpur mandi577058705820

Sunflower Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bellary mandi511063695958
Laxmeshwar mandi294258395024
Nargunda mandi560058005600

Suva (Dill Seed) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Patan mandi535557055530
Sami mandi550059005800
Siddhpur mandi555058755712
Unjha mandi465061005750

Taramira Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Mandsaur mandi474047854760
Malpura mandi500050505025


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