All India Oils and Fats Prices Bulletin 13 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

Happy Lohri 2022 Wishes, HD Images, Whatsapp Status ਹੈਪੀ ਲੋਹੜੀ Quotes  Punjabi

The festival of Lohri marks the end of winter and the arrival of warmer weather. This harvest festival of Punjab is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year. On Lohri, families come together to light bonfires, exchange gifts and eat festive food. Celebrations are extra special in households where there has recently been a marriage or a birth. Foods such as jaggery, gachak and rewri are central to Lohri, and so are peanuts, popcorn and til. This year, Lohri will be celebrated on January 13, 2022, which is a Thursday. While Lohri is primarily a Punjabi festival, it is celebrated by many people across the country who light bonfires and dance to welcome longer days after the winter solstice.

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan )

Coconut Oil Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Kanjangadu mandi182001880018400
Kuttoor mandi178001820018000
Moovattupuzha mandi160001620016100
Neeleswaram mandi175001850018000
Thodupuzha mandi182001850018500

Ghee Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Aligarh mandi398003990039850
Kasganj mandi390004000039400
Rura mandi480005500050000

Gingelly Oil Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Tamil Nadu
Kallakurichi mandi8174114269800

Mustard Oil Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Achalda mandi156001580015700
Ahirora mandi162001660016400
Akbarpur mandi165601668016650
Aligarh mandi144501455014500
Allahabad mandi167501695516800
Auraiya mandi153001590015600
Bahraich mandi168001715016950
Banda mandi170501720017150
Bharthna mandi155001570015600
Bindki mandi164001660016500
Buland Shahr mandi140001520014800
Dadri mandi168001720017000
Etawah mandi152501565015450
Gazipur mandi167701683016800
Ghaziabad mandi171501725017200
Gonda mandi181501825018200
Haathras mandi142001460014400
Hapur mandi158001700016200
Kannauj mandi150001520015100
Kasganj mandi144001480014580
Kayamganj mandi150501515015100
Khurja mandi148001520015000
Mainpuri mandi144151460014510
Meerut mandi170001720017100
Milak mandi151251532515225
Mohammdi mandi162701647016370
Muskara mandi170001720017100
Muzzafarnagar mandi169001710017000
Naanpara mandi169001700016950
Paliakala mandi163401644016390
Pilibhit mandi151501524015195
Pratapgarh mandi172501740017300
Puwaha mandi151001530015200
Raath mandi170001730017200
Raibareilly mandi155751563015600
Rura mandi180002200020000
Saharanpur mandi168001720017000
Shamli mandi169501708017015
West Bengal
Balarampur mandi180001840018200
Birbhum mandi180002000019000
Durgapur mandi168001700016900
Jhargram mandi190002000019500
Katwa mandi172001820018000
Purulia mandi173301740017400


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