All India Pulses Price Bulletin 14 January 2022

Dear Farmer friends,

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Makar Sankranti is a Hindu harvest festival celebrated across India that marks the end of winter and the beginning of longer days as the sun moves northward.

Makar Sankranti will fall on Friday, January 14 this year. This period is also known as Uttarayan and is considered to be extremely fortunate. The harvest festival is a religious and seasonal celebration that honours Lord Surya, the Sun God, and commemorates Sun’s arrival in Makara (Capricorn).

Worshippers bathe in sacred rivers such as the Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, and Cauvery on this day, and sesame and jaggery ladoos called chikkis are distributed. As you celebrate this festive occasion with your loved ones, don’t forget to wish them with these special greetings.

We are presenting All India Mandi Rates Bulletin in your service containing market prices of various commodities in following States : Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu , Telangana , Madhya Pradesh , West Bengal , Tripura , Odisha , Rajasthan )

Alasande Gram

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi700085007750
Laxmeshwar mandi363974695940

Arhar (Tur/Red Gram)(Whole)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bellary mandi407053515340
Chitradurga mandi150063394785
Laxmeshwar mandi296945724035
Lingasugur mandi540055005450
Neeleswaram mandi114001160011500
Perinthalmanna mandi780082008000
Madhya Pradesh
Dewas mandi341034103410
Sagar mandi400057755300
Sehore mandi432656005301
Selu mandi560062816200
Sardarnagar mandi160018001700
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi625064506350
Aligarh mandi630063806340
Bharuasumerpur mandi625063506300
Etah mandi612066506350
Firozabad mandi638064806430
Karvi mandi558057805680
Kasganj mandi625064006300
Meerut mandi630064006350
Mirzapur mandi644565356480
Muradnagar mandi624064506340
Muskara mandi543057005600
West Bengal
Asansol mandi745076507550
Medinipur(West) mandi98001020010000
Siliguri mandi95001100010000

Arhar Dal(Tur Dal)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi8000100009000
Kolar mandi860090008800
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi955097809660
Ahirora mandi930094209350
Akbarpur mandi850086508600
Amroha mandi908091309100
Bareilly mandi890089758940
Basti mandi901591159065
Bharuasumerpur mandi915092509200
Chorichora mandi890092509080
Dadri mandi900094009200
Etah mandi925098509660
Faizabad mandi860089008800
Ghiraur mandi954597459645
Gonda mandi880088508825
Hapur mandi915092809200
Jaunpur mandi920093009250
Kasganj mandi960097309660
Kayamganj mandi920092509225
Kosikalan mandi940095009450
Mathura mandi912093309240
Mawana mandi915092509210
Meerut mandi925093509300
Milak mandi884589958925
Mirzapur mandi935094509400
Muradnagar mandi920093009250
Muskara mandi905092509150
Muzzafarnagar mandi905092509150
Pratapgarh mandi875088008770
Puranpur mandi905091409085
Puwaha mandi898591859085
Raath mandi900091709100
Raibareilly mandi867587008680
Rasda mandi924094009310
Saharanpur mandi900093809200
Shamli mandi906092009140
Sultanpur mandi870089008800
Tulsipur mandi880089008850
West Bengal
Ramkrishanpur(Howrah) mandi98001020010000

Avare Dal

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi680070006900
Chitradurga mandi215121512151


Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangarpet mandi180023002000
Binny Mill (F&V), Bangalore mandi290034003100
Chikkamagalore mandi249228922692
Davangere mandi290035003000
Kadur mandi208120812081
Kolar mandi200025002300
Ramanagara mandi320050004000
T. Narasipura mandi300045004000
Kottakkal mandi410042004150
Pune(Moshi) mandi400050004500
Pune(Pimpri) mandi320032003200
Hindol mandi280032003000

Chana Dal

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi620070006600
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi645066806560
Ahirora mandi682070006930
Akbarpur mandi600061106010
Basti mandi608061806130
Dadri mandi640066006500
Faizabad mandi595061006000
Gonda mandi630063506320
Jaunpur mandi685069006875
Kayamganj mandi630063506325
Mirzapur mandi690070006950
Muradnagar mandi640065806480
Muzzafarnagar mandi640065806480
Pratapgarh mandi614562006170
Rasda mandi678069406850
Rura mandi630066006400
Saharanpur mandi633066506490
Shamli mandi608565406475
Sultanpur mandi620064506300
West Bengal
Ramkrishanpur(Howrah) mandi730077007500

Bengal Gram(Gram)(Whole)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi580065006150
Lingasugur mandi475048504800
Manjeri mandi630064006350
Madhya Pradesh
Kalapipal mandi380046254200
Sagar mandi422547354565
Sehore mandi400047004471
Selu mandi350039003500
Jodhpur(Grain)(Bhagat Ki Kothi) mandi450046504575
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi545056005525
Ahirora mandi582060005920
Aligarh mandi552056205570
Badayoun mandi580059255840
Bareilly mandi552556255585
Basti mandi557056705620
Bharuasumerpur mandi440046004500
Chandoli mandi578059755880
Chorichora mandi550057505620
Dadri mandi580060005900
Etah mandi530058505560
Faizabad mandi555056505600
Farukhabad mandi530053755350
Gonda mandi612061306125
Hapur mandi600061006010
Jafarganj mandi575058505800
Jaunpur mandi587059605920
Karvi mandi467048704770
Kasganj mandi550056005540
Kayamganj mandi543054705450
Mawana mandi595060506000
Meerut mandi595060506000
Milak mandi553556605600
Mirzapur mandi592560455975
Muradnagar mandi595062006010
Muskara mandi470049504850
Muzzafarnagar mandi590061006010
Partaval mandi555057405640
Pilibhit mandi574058205780
Pratapgarh mandi574058005770
Puranpur mandi575058405795
Puwaha mandi567558755775
Raibareilly mandi575057705765
Rampur mandi576558005780
Rasda mandi578059205840
Saharanpur mandi586061656020
Shamli mandi593060756000
Sultanpur mandi570059505770
Tulsipur mandi570058005760
Wazirganj mandi578058805830
West Bengal
Medinipur(West) mandi680072007000

Black Gram (Urd Beans)(Whole)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Neeleswaram mandi204002060020500
Madhya Pradesh
Khategaon mandi350042003800
Sagar mandi270055004900
Uttar Pradesh
Badayoun mandi640565106475
Faizabad mandi715072507200
Gonda mandi742074507435
Haathras mandi792581258025
Meerut mandi800081008050
Raibareilly mandi726072807275
Shamli mandi797081008040
Sultanpur mandi730075007400
Tulsipur mandi740074507425
Visoli mandi655065506550
West Bengal
Asansol mandi845086708550
Medinipur(West) mandi930098009500
Siliguri mandi95001100010000

Black Gram Dal (Urd Dal)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi88001300010900
Kolar mandi102001060010400
Madhya Pradesh
Sehore mandi230142003101
Uttar Pradesh
Bareilly mandi892590008975
Basti mandi840085008450
Bharuasumerpur mandi890091009000
Dadri mandi835087508550
Etah mandi905095209260
Faizabad mandi795581008000
Gonda mandi812081508135
Hapur mandi842085308465
Jaunpur mandi912592259175
Kasganj mandi921093009260
Kayamganj mandi875088008775
Mathura mandi910093009200
Mawana mandi843085308480
Meerut mandi845086008550
Milak mandi888090308960
Mirzapur mandi920093009250
Muradnagar mandi845085508500
Muskara mandi870089008800
Muzzafarnagar mandi840085908490
Pratapgarh mandi960096509620
Puranpur mandi892090208970
Puwaha mandi890091009000
Raath mandi869088258750
Saharanpur mandi830087008500
Shamli mandi843085408480
Sultanpur mandi800082508150

Chennangi Dal

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi860090008800

Cowpea (Lobia/Karamani)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Kottur mandi401160035834

Green Gram (Moong)(Whole)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi760097008650
Bellary mandi440968006202
Chitradurga mandi527662785777
Nargunda mandi680068006800
Manjeri mandi920093009250
Goluwala mandi500061505800
Jodhpur (Grain)(Mandor) mandi381057004755
Jodhpur(Grain)(Bhagat Ki Kothi) mandi658070006790
Suratgarh mandi420042004200
Uttar Pradesh
Aligarh mandi663067306680
Etah mandi642068506650
Haathras mandi657067706670
Jaunpur mandi780079007860
Kasganj mandi660067006680
Meerut mandi790080007950
Rasda mandi778079207840
Saharanpur mandi776081357960
Shamli mandi790080107940
Sultanpur mandi765079007770
West Bengal
Asansol mandi885090508900
Siliguri mandi850095009000

Green Gram Dal (Moong Dal)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi890097009300
Uttar Pradesh
Bareilly mandi890089758940
Dadri mandi830087008500
Faizabad mandi797581008000
Jaunpur mandi900091009050
Kayamganj mandi812581758150
Muradnagar mandi845086008540
Muzzafarnagar mandi842586258525
Saharanpur mandi832587008530
Shamli mandi848085808530
Sultanpur mandi835086008480
West Bengal
Ramkrishanpur(Howrah) mandi108001120011000

Green Peas

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uklana mandi200020002000
Bangalore mandi105001200011250
Bikaner(F&V) mandi220024002300
Jodhpur(F&V)(Paota) mandi100022001500
Uttar Pradesh
Akbarpur mandi250026502600
Bharuasumerpur mandi175018501800
Jasvantnagar mandi196020602010
Lalganj mandi175018501800
Raibareilly mandi195020302000
Kashipur mandi900900900
Rishikesh mandi95015001100
Roorkee mandi100018001500

Guar Seed(Cluster Beans Seed)

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Barmer mandi595060506000
Bijay Nagar mandi527154755310
Goluwala mandi470260005600
Jodhpur (Grain)(Mandor) mandi588560005942

Kabuli Chana(Chickpeas-White) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Sanawad mandi680073957205

Kulthi(Horse Gram) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Bangalore mandi460048004700
Bellary mandi317031703170
Chitradurga mandi352535253525
Kottur mandi330333033303
Laxmeshwar mandi301534663286

Lak(Teora) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Sagar mandi290037253500

Lentil (Masur)(Whole) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Kalapipal mandi600066006550
Khujner mandi663567156690
Sagar mandi605574006875
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi655067006640
Aligarh mandi660067006660
Badayoun mandi675068256775
Bareilly mandi672568006750
Basti mandi756076607610
Bharuasumerpur mandi630066006500
Faizabad mandi780079507850
Gonda mandi766076957680
Jaunpur mandi772078007760
Karvi mandi677069706870
Mehrauni mandi600061006100
Mirzapur mandi775078507800
Muskara mandi675070006850
Muzzafarnagar mandi772079207820
Rasda mandi765078907725
Saharanpur mandi763080007825
Shamli mandi776079007825
Sultanpur mandi750078007600
Tulsipur mandi745075507500
West Bengal
Asansol mandi780080507950
Balarampur mandi880096009200
Durgapur mandi785080507960
Medinipur(West) mandi840088008600
Siliguri mandi9000100009500

Masur Dal Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Madhya Pradesh
Sehore mandi570063006001
Uttar Pradesh
Agra mandi865088508760
Bareilly mandi812581858160
Basti mandi836584658415
Dadri mandi885092509050
Faizabad mandi835085008400
Jaunpur mandi882088908860
Kayamganj mandi780078507825
Muradnagar mandi900091509040
Muzzafarnagar mandi894091509040
Puwaha mandi805082508150
Rasda mandi875089008830
Rura mandi730075007400
Saharanpur mandi883592109040
Shamli mandi897590809035
Sultanpur mandi830085508400
West Bengal
Bankura Sadar mandi970099009800
Ramkrishanpur(Howrah) mandi930097009500

Moath Dal Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Barmer mandi540055005450

Peas(Dry) Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Basti mandi668067806730
Jaunpur mandi690070006950
Madhogarh mandi450055005000
Mehrauni mandi500051005100
Mirzapur mandi705071507100
Pratapgarh mandi700070507025
Saharanpur mandi696073107140
Sultanpur mandi680070006900
West Bengal
Asansol mandi635065006450

White Peas Ka Rate In Rs.

Market CenterMinimum Maximum Modal 
Uttar Pradesh
Ahirora mandi700072007100
Bharuasumerpur mandi630065006400
Dadri mandi700072007100
Faizabad mandi725074007300
Gonda mandi712071307125
Muradnagar mandi705072007130
Muskara mandi620065006400
Nawabganj mandi690070006950


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