Brokers and Enterprises of Banswara Mandi, Rajasthan

Banswara City

Banswara is a city in the Banswara district in southern Rajasthan, India. Banswara was either named after its ruler, King Bansiya Bhil, or the “bans” (bamboo) forests within the area.

It is also known as “City of a Hundred Islands”, often referred to as “Cherrapunji of Rajasthan”, because it receives the most rain in Rajasthan, as well as for the numerous islands in the Mahi River, often referred to as “Mahati”, an alternate name for Mahi river, in Vayu Purana text, which flows through the city. It is the greenest city in Rajasthan due to the heavy rainfall which it receives. The city has a population of 101,017, of whom 51,585 are male and 49,432 are female.

Pin-Code and STD Code of Banswara

Pin-Code – 327001

STD Code – 02962

Banswara Mandi

Banswara mandi is 159 kms from Udaipur on Udaipur-Banswara-Dahod road. 101 kms from Dahod and 83 kms from Ratlam. The major commodities of Banswara mandi’s Wheat, Maize, Guar, Cotton, Mustard, Taramira, Soybean, Isabgol, Mahua fruit.

Brokers and Enterprises of Banswara

Consent Curves
Sumit Lal 9414102113
Custom Road

Santosh Brokers
Santosh Jain 9414101979, 9649771122
8 Patriarchy

Anil Industries
Moti lal 9461378955
Anil 9411402461
12-B Industrial Area

Jeevan Jyoti Ind.
Industrial area

Merchant of Machine Clean Wheat
Kothari Oil and Food Ind.
Mangilal 9414101395
Industrial Area

Ruchi Industries
Satish Kumar 9414725523
G.100, Industrial Area

S.K Industries
Shailendera 9414202962
44-45, Industrial Area

Y.D. Industries
Rithik Dosi 9414101032
Yashwant 9414868581
G-154, Ricoh Ind Area
Kabuli Gram and Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds

Vinayak Industries
Dasharatha 9414104068
226, Industrial Area

Manawat Mahendra Kumar Sobhagmal Jain
Mahendra Kumar 9414101046
Chirag 9672991047
Khadu Colony

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