Brokers of Ajmer, Rajasthan

Ajmer city

Ajmer pronounced is one of the major and oldest cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan and the centre of the eponymous Ajmer District. It is located at the centre of Rajasthan. It is also known as heart of Rajasthan. The city was established as “Ajayameru” (Translated as “Invincible Hills”) by a Chahamana ruler, either Ajayaraja I or Ajayaraja II, and served as their capital until the 12th century CE. Home to the dargah of Moinuddin Chishti, Ajmer is one of the most important destinations of Islamic pilgrimage in South Asia.

Ajmer is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. Ajmer had been a municipality since 1869. Ajmer has been selected as one of the heritage cities for the HRIDAY and Smart City Mission schemes of the Government of India.

Ajmer is in the northwest of India and is surrounded by the Aravali Mountains. It is situated on the lower slopes of the Taragarh Hill of that range. To the northwest is the Nagapathar Range of the Aravali Mountain Ranges which protects it from desertification from the Thar Desert.

Pin-code and STD Code of Ajmer

Pin-code – 305001

STD code – 0145

Ajmer Mandi

Ajmer Mandi is situated 132 Kms from Jaipur on Jaipur-Ahmedabad and Jaipur-Ratlam Rail Lines, 526 Kms from Ahmedabad. 135 KM from Bhilwara, 190 KM from Chittorgarh. The major commodities of Ajmer mandi’s are Wheat, Gram, Millet, Maize, Barley.

Brokers of Ajmer

Goyal Enterprises
Ramesh Goyal 9414008258, 8875008258
Dinesh Goyal 9414007258, 8875007258
Shop no. 19, First Flow, Above Reliance Fresh, Kesarganj
All Kettlefeed and Poletrified Raw Materials
Email: [email protected]

Jeju Brokers
K.C Jaju 9314393715
P.C Jaju 9829169043
Sisodia Market, Blue Castle, Padav
Pure Ghee, Oil, Food items

Kailash Chand Goyal & Company
K.C Goyal 9414006981
S.L Goyal 9351557736
Opposite Plaza Cinema
Maize, Bajra, Wheat, Barley, Jowar

Kailash Chand Maheshwari & Company
Natvar / Vinay 9352000605, 9820034505
Kailash Chand 9001052705
Castle Pav
Cereals, Pulses, Maize, Bajra

Maheshwari Brokers
Kamlesh Maheshwari 9828103051
Amar Chand Maheshwari 9413040000
Castle Pav
Maize, Millet, Jowar, four Gram, Antelope, Moth, Mustard, Taramira

Parsvnath Brokers
Dilip Saklecha 9414007340
131, Mandi Pahai
Mung bean cooked Chana dal

Dalal Ramjilal & Sons
Dharmendra Khandelwal 9414007976
Sunil Khandelwal 9414708261
6, L R Mansion, Lalkothi
Wheat & Grocery Items

Shri Nath Broker
Punit Pagaria 9352750043
Pankaj 8955038293
Castle Pav
Wheat, Chapad, Atta

Vishnu Brokers
Subhash 9414111857, 9829511857 ​​
Hitesh 9828180143, 9413203994
Shop no. 101, Grain Market, Padav
Cereal and Poultry Feed

Dalal Nathilal Gupta & Co.
Shobhit Gupta 9828031720, 8619303916
In front of Lalkothi Pav
Kettlefeed Product

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