Brokers of Padampur Mandi, Ganaganagar, Rajasthan

Padampur Town

Padampur is a town and a municipality in Ganganagar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The city was named after Raj Kumar Padam Singh of royal family of Bikaner.

The area is mostly inhabited by Hindus and Sikhs. Major languages spoken are Punjabi and Bagri. The area continues to be the gateway for legal work for the nearby villages. As of 2012 the area has been categorized in 20 wards circle headed by ward member of that area selected by the residents of the ward.

Pin-Code and STD Code of Padampur

Pin-Code – 35041

STD Code – 01505

Padampur Mandi

Padampur tehsil is 42 km from Sri Ganganagar on Sri Ganganagar-Raisingh Nagar road. and 35 KM from Raisingh Nagar. The major commodities of Padampur mandi’s Dhana, Wheat, Mustard, Barley, Guar etc.

Brokers of Padampur

Agarwal Brokers
Anil Kumar 94146-31318
New Paddy Market

Rajkumar Jhanver Dalal
Raju 9414091787
New Paddy Market

Prem Chand Sandeep Kumar
Prem Chand Jindal 9649916800
Bherulal Maheshwari 9783018155, 9829642015
65, New Paddy Market
Mustard, Gram, Barley, Wheat, Guar

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