Brokers of Patan, Gujarat

Patan City

Patan was the capital of Gujarat’s Chavda and Chalukya dynasties in medieval times. It was established by Vanraj Chavada , a Chavda king. The city has had an old history, with several Hindu and Muslim dynasties making it a thriving trading city and a regional capital of northern Gujarat. It was also known as ‘Anhilpur-Patan’.

The modern city it is the administrative seat of Patan District in the Indian state of Gujarat and is an administered municipality. The city contains many Hindu and Jain temples as well as mosques, dargahs and rojas.

It is a historical place located on the bank of the now extinct Saraswati River. which is probably what remains of the ancient Sarasvati River. Patan has an old market which is quite sizeable and is believed to have been in continuous operation since at least the rule of Vaghelas.

Pin-Code and STD Code of Patan

Pin-Code – 384265
STD Code – 02766

Patan Mandi

Patan market is 40 kms from Mahesana on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana-Patan bus route. and 110 KM from Ahmedabad. The Major Commodities Patan Mandi – Wheat, Cumin, Raida, Rice, Sorghum, Millet, Fennel, Castor, Tuvar, Isabgol.

Brokers of Patan Mandi

Chamunda Canvasing
Vanraj Bhatia 9925024530, 9426366165
Second Flow, Gajnand Comp, Sardarganj
Cereal and Kettlefeed

Gayatri Canvasing
Naresh Bhai 9925171561, 9825130533
Dinesh Bhai 9714106857, 9825842968
32/21, Sardar Ganj
Grains, Pulses, Oilseeds and Kettle Feed

Harshdarai Chunilal Patel
Harshad Bhai 9898675494
33, Sardar Ganj

N.H. Commodities Brokers P.v.t Ltd
Mukesh Bhai 9925071190
17/160, New Market Yard

R.B. Brokers
Bharat Bhai 9825070107
Dalsukh Bhai 9825570107, 9426708989, 98258-70107
32/1, market yard
Grain, Pulses, Oil Seed

Riddhi-Siddhi Canvasing
Pran Bhai 9824077684
Bharat Bhai 9824077682, 9625812844
32/11, Market Yard
Grains, Pulses, Oilseed, Kettlefeed

Uday Canvasing
Raju Bhai 9825147001, 9925306364
149, Market Yard, Near State Bank
Bajra, Wheat, Tuvar, Cotton Cake, Kettlefeed

Uday Brothers
Bharat 9925077111
Kalpesh 9726877111
Naveen 9825415002
145, Market Yard
Castor Seeds, Mustard Seed, Guar

Uttam Brokers
Jignesh Bhatia 9979030410, 9979186723
Jebi 9428224184, 9428957923
5-6, Gajanand Comp, New Market Yard, Near Taluka Sangha
Cotton Seed Cake, Isabgol

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