Brokers Traders and Suppliers of Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Guna Town

Guna district is one of the 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh in central India. Its administrative headquarters is Guna. The district has a population of 1,241,519 (2011 census). It has an area of 6390 km², and is bounded on the northeast by Shivpuri District, on the east by Ashoknagar District, on the southeast by Vidisha District, on the southwest by Rajgarh District, on the west and northwest by Jhalawar and Baran districts of Rajasthan state.

The Sindh River flows northward along the eastern edge of the district, forming part of the boundary with Ashoknagar District, and the Parbati River flows northwestward through the southern portion of the district, forming part of the boundary with Baran District before flowing into Rajasthan.

Pin-Code and STD Code of Guna

Pin-Code – 473001
STD Code – 07542

Guna Mandi

Guna Mandi is located in A.B. On the road and Kota-Bina Jn. 185 KM from Kota on railway line. 118 kms from Bina and 228 kms from Gwalior on Gwalior-Ujjain rail line. The Major Commodities of Guna Mandi – Coriander, Wheat, Gram, Raida, Soyabean, etc.

Brokers Traders and Suppliers of Guna

Ankit Conveying Company
Arvind Kumar Jain 9301214964
Ankit Jain 9584626815
New Galla Market
Coriander, Lentils, Soyabean, Wheat

Babulal & Company
Babulal Prajapati 9425133286, 9039406583
Manakhedi Galla Mandi
Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Coriander

Choudhary Conveying Company
Sanjeev Choudhary 9425131671, 9425408551
Shop no. 6, Umri Complex, Hat Road
Dhana, Coriander, Dal, Gram, Lentil, Masra, Wheat, Jowar, Maize
Email: [email protected].

MK. Chaudhary Conveying Company
Mukesh Chaudhary (Jain) 9425131852, 7354234491
Shop No. 5, Umri Complex, Hat Road
Soyabean, Coriander, Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds

Ramesh Conveying Company
Ramesh Agarwal 9425634091
Ashwin Agarwal 9329428491
Opposite S Stand, A.B. Rode
Wheat, Gram, Soyabean, Mustard, Coriander

Shubham Brokers
Sanjay Jain (Singal) 9893100271, 9424410271, 9406508228
Nakhedi, Galla Mandi
Soyabean, Mustard, Groundnut, Radha gram, Wheat, Gram

Shubham Convincing Company
Shop No. 3 A. Old Galla Market
Coriander, Cereals, Oilseeds

Ekta Traders
Sanjeev Jain 9826261505, 8962934101
Babuji Faiyajul Hasanji 9893971742
115, Nanakhedi, Galla Mandi
Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Coriander, Wheat, Sortex and Machine Clean

Boudhri Sigma Group
Dharmendra Choudhary 942548501, 7000718165
Gaurav Jain 9406539211, 8602913211
Vinay Bhai 7974649117, 9425124742
13-14, Galla Mandi (Opposite Coriander Mandi)
Coriander, Coriander Dal, Coriander Seed Suppliers)

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