List of Contacts of State Officer of Agriculture Department Telangana State

As on 28 September 2022

  1. Sri. M Raghunandan Rao, IAS APC, and Secretary to Govt. (Agriculture Cooperation Dept. Govt. of Telangana) Email:[email protected]
  2. Sri. M Raghunandan Rao, IAS Commissioner of Agriculture Phone:04023232107
    Email:[email protected]
  3. Smt. G. Narimani Additional Director of Agriculture – I Mobile:7288894796
  4. Sri. K.Vijay Kumar Additional Director of Agriculture – II and Appellate Authority(RTI) Mobile:7288894797
  5. Sri. S. Balu JDA (Seeds, Media and Publicity, RTI, Extension, Credit, NC Cell, ATMA, TRSS, M and E Mobile:7288894802
  6. Smt. K. Vijaya Gowry JDA (SCST, RKVY, Planning, Rythu Bandhu, IT Cell, Rythu Bima, Farm Mechanization, Crop Insurance, and PKVY) Mobile:7288833030
  7. Sri. K. Ramulu JDA (Fertilisers, NFSM,NMOOP, PP, Crop Colonies, Soil Correlator,FPOs,PMKSY,Polambadi) Mobile:7288894803
  8. Smt. M. SHYLAJA DDA ( FM, IT Cell) Mobile:7288894808
  9. Sri. Mohan Reddy DDA (PP, Polambadi, BC Labs) Mobile:7288803030
  10. Smt. K. Nagamani DDA (ATMA, NC Cell, Extension, Credit, TRSS, M and E Mobile:7288894846
  11. Sri. B. Ravinder Sing DDA (Admin, Fertiliser, Soil Testing, Bio-Diversity) Mobile:7288994448
  12. Sri. Shiva Prasad DDA (Seeds, RTI, Media and Publicity) Mobile:7288894806
  13. Smt. Y. Madhavi DDA (NFSM, NMOOP, RAD, PMKSY, NRM) Mobile:7288894801
  14. Smt. D. Usha Rani ADA (Seed Farms)
  15. Smt. Y. Padma ADA (FM, PM KISAN) Mobile:7288894839
  16. Smt. Chandrakala ADA (Seed Regulation, Media and Publicity) Mobile:7288894819
  17. Sri. M.A.Masood Khan ADA (IT Cell, PM KISAN) Mobile:7288894840
  18. Sri. J. Tirupathi ADA (Seed Regulation)
  19. Smt. G. Nagamalleswari ADA (Seed Village Programme)
  20. Sri. T. Madhavi ADA (Fertilisers) Mobile:7288894817
  21. Smt. V. Sridevi ADA (Soil Testing, Bio-Diversity) Mobile:7288894816
  22. Sri. R.Shivanand ADA (Extension, Credit, VLR, RTI, Seed Supply) Mobile:7288894818
  23. Smt. L. Padmavati ADA (Rythu Bandhu) Mobile:7288894813
  24. Smt. G. Jhanshi ADA (Planning) Mobile:7288894892
  25. Smt. S S Beena ADA (RKVY) Mobile:7288894554
  26. Sri. C V Sharma ADA (NMOOP, PMKSY) Mobile:7288894399
  27. Smt. K. Sailaja ADA (NMOOP, Millets) Mobile:7288894799
  28. Smt. K. Padmaja ADA (NFSM) Mobile:7288894871
  29. Smt. Sri Vani AO (FERTILIZER) Mobile:7288894868
  30. Smt. V. Padmavathi AO (NRM) Mobile:7288894869
  31. Smt. Jaya Priya AO (PP) Mobile:7288894544
  32. Smt. Rama Devi AO (Seed Regulation) Mobile:7288832525
  33. Smt. A. Sailaja AO (ST Cell) Mobile:7288894842
  34. Smt. Sharmila AO (IT Cell) Mobile:7288894731
  35. Sri. Tirupathi AO (NC Cell) Mobile:7288811818
  36. Smt. Parvathi AO (Crop Insurance) Mobile:7288894876
  37. Smt. Aparna AO (OF) Mobile:8125911125
  38. Smt. Vara Laxmi AO (Seeds) Mobile:7288831414
  39. Smt. P.Madhavi AO (SEED REGULATION) Mobile:7288819899
  40. Sri. Rajesh Chaitanya AO (PLANNING) Mobile:9985852626
  41. Sri. Krishna Mohan AO (PLANNING) Mobile:8143603425
  42. Sri. A.Sreedhar Reddy AO (FERTILIZER CLAIMS) Mobile:7288878493
  43. Smt. M.Aruna Sree AO (PP) Mobile:7288894838
  44. Smt. V. Vasudha AO (Seeds) Mobile:7288817575
  45. Smt. Pradyunma AO (IT Cell) Mobile:7288894805


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