Market Intelligence Report 15 January 2022

Dear Friends, The Market Intelligence Report is as follows

The Decline in Mustard Cake Prices

The prices of Mustard cake are reduced by Rs.200 to 250/Quintal and the prices of Mustard Seed are also decreased by Rs.300/Quintal. The Price of the Mustard Seed at Lawrance Road New Delhi Market was Rs.7200 to 7250/Quintal and in Nazafgarh Market the price of Mustard Seed was Rs.6400 to 6500/Quintal.

As per the Agribusiness, Intelligence Reports gathered the estimated production of Mustard will be 110 Lakh Tonns as farmers have increased the area under production due to high rates of the Mustard crop in Rabi 2021 season.

The Amla Prices May Reach up to Rs.200/Kg

Amla, the Indian gooseberry is in high demand as due to Covid there is a great demand for ayurvedic concoctions and the Amla is a very important ingredient of ayurvedic medicine. The old stock of Amla is out now and the new crop is awaited in September – October 2022 which is very far.

Today price of Amla in districts of Madhya Pradesh Shivpuri, Datia, Sheopur, Jathari, Sehdol is Rs.100/105 per quintal whereas the price in the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan is Rs.130 to 140 per quintal. There is a constant demand for Amla and traders are fetching good prices based upon the color and seed quality of Amla.

Opportunities in Corn Trade are Growing Fast

A few days back prices of Corn were Rs.1550 to 150 per quintal and today prices are Rs.1790 to 1800 per quintal the hike of Rs.250 per quintal is due to the constant demand for Corn in Haryana Punjab and Gujrat. The demand of the Poultry Industry in South India mainly Kerla and Tamilnadu is being catered by Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Maharashtra.

As per the agribusiness intelligence reports coming from Bihar, the farmers have not sown yet the rabi corn crop in Khagaria, Begusarai, Gulabbag, Darbhanga, Poornia districts and the stocks are almost out and a few instances, the Corn has fetched the price of Rs.2000/Quintal as there is a constant demand from Nepal. The new crop from Bihar will come in May 2022. So there are great opportunities in trading Corn.

Slow Trading Persists in Badi Illaychi

According to a report received from The Spices Board of India, in FY 2021-22 India has exported 767 MT of Badi Illaychi amounting to Rs.52.55 Crores. Whereas a few months back India exported 442 MT of Badi Illaychi amounting to Rs.30.62 crores.

The prices are not picking up as per the forecast of the traders due to Covid situations and constant crop failure in Nepal, Bhutan, and India. There were premonsoon heavy rains showers followed by the high sun in Assam which resulted in less production of the Badi Illaychi crop.

Recently in an auction held on 6 January 2022, the price of Badi Illaychi was discovered at Rs.575 to 700 per quintal. The Jhundiwali Badi Illaychi which is considered as the best quality now available at Rs.690 to 700 per quintal which is less by Rs.25 to 30 per quintal. The agribusiness experts say the laziness and slow trading will continue for some more time.

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