Origin and Gensis of Javik Setu

Origin and Gensis of Javik Setu

Jaivik Setu (Organic Bridge) was conceived on of the outcomes of an International Solar Food Processing workshop held at Muni Sewa Ashram in Jan 2013. At the valedictory of that workshop, all the 60 participants appointed a core team for the network including Mr. Deepak Gadhia, Mr. Ghanshyam Lukhi from Gujarat, Dr. Ajay Chandak from Maharashtra, Prof. RL Sawhney from Delhi, and Mr. Jagdishwara Reddi from Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Mrs Janak Palta McGilligan from Madhya Pradesh who was also unanimously appointed as the National Coordinator of this Network.

After one year of consultations with the International Network, based in Germany, it was decided to launch this Indian on the third anniversary of passing away of late Mr. James (Jimmy) R. McGilligan, 0.8.E, as a tribute to him for his untiring efforts to promote Solar Energy in rural Communities of India!

Formation of Sustainable Food Network

it was on April 20, 2014, when Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan invited a meeting at Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development, her residence in Sanawadiya, Indore district) chaired by renowned Energy Scientist Prof R.L-Sawhney from TERI and co-chaired by leading Solar Engineer Mr. Deepak Gadhia was attended by Mr. Ambrish Kela a committed environmentalist and head of Scientech Eco Foundation along with his team Me Uday Bhole, Mr. Piyush Agrawal and others, Organic Agro-Scientist.

Mr. Ajit S. Kelkar, Mrs. Anuradha & Ashish Dubey, Organic Farmer Mr. Ravi Sethi, the Administrative Director of Govindram Seksaria Institute of Management and Research, Indore Mr. Ravi Sethi Volunteers of Jimmy McGilligan Centre Mrs. Nanda Chouhan Mr. Sunil Chouhan & Mr. Rajendra Chouhan, Prof. BY. Lalithamba from Bangalore, Mrs. Neelima Gupta of Helen O Grady and local young farmers from village Sanawadiya Mr. Deepak Rawliya, Mr. Prashant Dhakad, Mr. Mahendra Dhakad, Mr. Hemant Dhakad. Mr. Bharat Bhandari and some others. The National Coordinator of Solar Food Processing Network India, De Janak Palta McGilligan, welcomed all the members and expressed the need for forming Sustainable Food Network at local level. She further explained that the main objective of the Indore network is to promote organic farming, solar food processing, training, research and development of all related technologies that should add value to farmers’ products.

After having detalled consultations on the need and relevance of the network, all the members present unanimously decided to form a group “Sustainable Food Network Indore” under the umbrella of Solar Food Processing Network, India. Mr. Ravi Gupta was appointed as the Coordinator of the network and he was requested to form the google group “Sustainable Food Network Indore. Some of them came forward to give their time and share experiences. Mr. Ajit Kelkar offered to share success stories from Khargone district. Mr. Ambrish. Kela volunteered to organize Sustainable Food Festival in indore and link the Namkeen Cluster and other interested entrepreneurs with the Network Mr. Ravi Sethi offered to act as the linkage between farmers and consumers.

Mrs. Neelima Gupta and Mrs. Anu Dubey took responsibility of identifying and encouraging consumers. Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan announced that she will continue to conduct free of cost awareness and training programs on organic and solar food processing at Jimmy McGilligan Centre using Solar technologies. The newly formest “Sustainable Food Network Indore” announced its next meeting May 18, 2014 at Mr.Ravi Seth’s Farm House, Bicholi

Announcement of Organic Haat by Ambrish Kela at Ravi Sethi’s Farm

Second meeting of the Network was held on Indore Sthapna Diwas May 18, 2014 (Sunday) at 04:00 pm at McRavi Seth’s Farm House, Bichol, Indore. This meeting was attended by most of the Network Members as well as many experienced persons representing Prayog Parivar, and organic farmers including Mr. Arun Dike, Mr. Ajit Kelkar, Mr. Vipin Juneja, Mr. Anand Thakur, Mr. Jayesh Jaiswal, Mr. Ambrish Kela, Mr. Dinesh kothari & Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan.

Major issues emerged were relating to marketing of organic food products and mind set of farmers about poor productivity in organic farming. It was unanimously agreed to plan the cropping patterns of products so that people can have more varieties all around the year. The main need expressed was to have an outlet for marketing these products. It was in response to this call that Mr. Ambrish Kela announced offering a weekly organic haat in coming months and it was great news for all present. Everyone went home with this dream and play one’s role

Reaching and Connecting with the Organic Farmers

On June 29, 2014, third meeting of Sustainable Food Network, Indore was held at Village Umriya after Mr Siwan Singh Thakur and his son Anand Thakur, an active leader of Organic Farmers Group in the state. gave the tour of 18 Acre farm that is 100 percent organic, Janak Pults McGilligan the founder of the Network

introduced Mrs Shree Lata Desi Origins, who runs an online store for Organic and Natural products. She informed that Sustainable Food Network indone is an initiative to bring together organic farmers, consumers, traders and Solar food processors. Mr Dilip Singh Tomar and McAnand Thakur said that this network gives them more confidence. There were also farmers from neighbouring villages Mrs Shree Lata was very excited that through Network they will be able to buy organic products from these farmers.

She commended the passion of Janak Palta McGilligan to bridge the gap by asking her to personally come and reach the farmers as they have no access to internet. She also invited the organic farmers to bring their products to Shalimar Township. Representing Scientech Eco Foundation, Mr. Udey Bhole, informed that opening of the Organic Haat is in process and within two months they will be able to start the weekly organic haat where people can buy directly from the farmers.

Finalizing the Venue of the Organic Haat

Sustainable Food Network Indore, in its fourth meeting held at Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development at Sanawadiya, on 31 August, 2014 finalized the starting of the weekly Haat soon in Bicholi Mardana opposite to Vidya Sagar College Mr. Ambrish Kela very kindly offered to provide the space for the outlet where the organic farmers from nearby villages can bring their food products like grains, lintels, spices, vegetables and fruits and sell directly to the buyers.

Network members Mr. Ambrish Kela, Dr. Arun Dike, Mr. Dilip Singh leading organic farmer, Mr. E. K. Nareshwar, Ms. Susmita Bhattacharjee, Mr. Ravi Gupta, Mrs Ranu, Mrs & Mr. Jaiswal, Mrs. Nanda and Mr. Rajendra Chouhan and local farmers, Master of Social work and MBA students form DAVV had consultative meeting about promoting sustainable food Le, products and to promote sustainable food processing using natural and renewal resources like biogas and solar energy: Mr. Dilip Singh Tomar shared his success story of organic farming it was also decided that the Network will identify the authentic and available organic products as well as the genuine and committed organic farmers and collect all the data and information.

Network will seek inputs from experienced organic farmers and marketing personnel about running and sustaining this haat. Participants could see the live demonstration of different types of Solar Cookers, Solar Food Dryers and other solar devices at Jimmy McGilligan Centre. After the meeting, all the participants went to see the proposed site for the weekly Haat and were very thankful to Mc Ambrish Kela who came forward for this cause

Gained experience & confidence in marketing

All the farmers associated with Sustainable Network, Prayog Parivar gained more confidence and experience by participating in the Farmers Market organized by (Young Indians, Indore) and Yeshwant Club in Indore on Oct 12 and November 9, 2014

Jaivik Setu (The Organic Bridge)

One of the Volunteers, Janak Palta McGilligan, has been personally visiting the lesser known organic farms in nearby villages and encouraging them to join the Jaivik Setu The name was given by her during the meeting held on 16 Nov 2014. This meeting was held to finalize details of the inauguration of the Jaivik Setu by Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan, Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha, Government of India who has very kindly accepted to be the Chief Guest of the inauguration ceremony on Saturday, Dec 6, 2014 at, 66, Bicholi Mandana, opposite Vidyasagar College, Indore Jalvik Setu has been made possible with the facilities, services and space provided by Scientech Eco Foundation, headed by Mr. Ambrish Kela supported by Prayog Parivar headed by Veteran Leader of Organic farming.

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